How does JARSQUAD work?

JARSQUAD wants to create better connections between people, food, resources & skills in our local area.

We noticed that lots of things with lots of potential were in danger of going to waste, so we thought we’d do something creative and think in a more circular way about it all!


Glass Jars

We invite people to help us collect empty glass jars that would otherwise go into waste recycling. We deep clean these jars and reuse them.

Spare Time

We invite people to use some of their free time to help prepare fruits & vegetables, and to help make jams, pickles, chutneys and other types of preserves with us.

Surplus Food

We find gluts of fruit & vegetables in our local area – by talking with people at allotments, community gardens and food surplus organisations. We also go foraging and look out for local fruit trees & bushes producing more than their owners can use.

Local Knowledge

We make use of local knowledge about what grows in the area, and share what we find out with each other.

Local Skills

We make use of local skills – learning from each other how to prepare and preserve different types of fruit & vegetables.

Little Extras

We still need to source a few ‘extras’ that don’t grow in our local area. We’re learning to make our own vinegar, but still need to visit a shop to get hold of sugar, spice & all things nice…