Hire JarSquad to run an Assembly, Workshop or Hands-On Demo

The rhythm of a JarSquad Assembly is truly collaborative! We bring a range of tasks which ignite myriad conversations. Perfect for a (tasty!) team building day or an add-on to an existing group project.

We can work together to figure out where and how our activities will work best for your organisation – tailoring our offer to your needs. With this in mind, we also offer shorter Workshops & Hands-On Demos.

What to expect for a full Assembly:

  • min. 2 hours of collaborative chopping, chatting and making tasty things to take home (plus additional ~1h at the venue to set up and ~1h clean-up)
  • We can arrange for the ingredients, tools and equipment (folks are welcome to bring their own aprons/equipment, and surplus ingredients)
  • We can look into off-site venues, if necessary (to run an Assembly at your organisation or chosen venue, we need washing up facilities nearby and access to electricity in the space)
  • Min 4, max 16 persons altogether (we can work on 2 “shifts” for groups of 6-8 persons). 


JarSquad at Transactionland – For new venues or commissions further afield (outside Plymouth), we like doing a site and community recce, so we can source food as locally as possible.

JarSquad collaboration-evaluation with Plymouth Octopus – We’ve got experience working with project evaluators, providing various activities in a session whilst they focus on the conversations and recordings

What to expect from a Workshop / Hands-On Demo

  • Min 1 hour session – focussing on one area of group food preparation and preservation – for example Fermentation, Foraging, Dried Foods or Pasteurisation – usually involving a healthy dose of sampling and tasting (yum!!) to help introduce new ideas and flavours.
  • We can bring all ingredients, samples, tools and equipment (usually no “hot” cooking, or electricity involved – but we’ll need access to basic hand-washing and washing-up facilities)
  • We can demo for a passing audience (alongside another event or activities), or engage a group in more focussed Chop & Chat activities (like making Sauerkraut or Kimchi) so that your community can learn more about the possibilities available to them.
  • No minimum, max 30 people – but we can also run Tasting activities for larger groups!


We’ll be adding more here soon about our recent “Funky Ferments” and “Kombucha” demos here!

If you’d rather work with us on a more in-depth or bespoke project, check out how to Commission a JarSquad Project