Grow Your Own JarSquad

JarSquad can offer creative consultation & community coaching to help groups of all stripes start up a JarSquad in their local area, as part of our Open Franchise model development.

What to expect:

  • Depending on your group’s needs, we might assist with consultation on the basics of starting a JarSquad. This includes:
    • Funding your JarSquad & gathering resources
    • Purchasing equipment
    • Practicals of working safely & looking after Food Hygiene
    • Group facilitation and care
  • Informal consultation may be offered on an exchange basis as we look to develop our Open Franchise model.


Bristol JarSquad

We met some folks at our Transactionland assembly, who were interested in starting their own JarSquad in Bristol. We have supported them in setting off, and they are now slowly expanding!

Stoke Village JarSquad

This summer (2023), we’re partnering with The Village Hub to provide support and guidance for a Stoke-and Morice Town based JarSquad which may include a batch-cooking club nestled within it.