Join a JarSquad Assembly

A JarSquad Assembly is where the magic is at! This is where we bring know-how, recipes, elbow grease, and each others’ good company to turn surplus ingredients into tasty treats that we put into jars. 

What to expect:

A JarSquad Assembly session is a bit different to a standard workshop – it is not a fully guided set of activities that have been 100% decided in advance. Instead, we’ll learn and share together – mixing all of our experiences and know-how to create the tastiest outcomes! In this way, these sessions are more a space for a community practising the making, and sharing of good food together.

As such, we don’t often know what we’ll be making in advance, and are guided by what’s in season as well as what we get in surplus. This is where the experimentation comes in!

3 seasoned JarSquadders help to hold space for each of our monthly assemblies from our HQ at The Plot in Plymouth, UK. 

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