JarSquad connects the dots between food waste, climate action, and combating social isolation.

We feel that sharing and working together is a lost art. We love using JarSquad as a space to practice being-and-working together more in community. 

Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles diagram

Image credit: Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles – CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 AU

JarSquad has foundations in permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share. Much of what we do tries to embody permaculture design principles, which you can learn more about from permacultureprinciples.com

Our Values & Terms*

Here are our full Terms that Serve (all of) Us*, that we use to help us talk about what JarSquad is, and what we stand for. We wrote these because we want participants or passers-by to know what we’re all about before they get stuck in.

JarSquad is…

an on-going social
art project 

Social artworks are ones that involve people & social interactions as a ‘medium’ (rather than using things like paint or clay).

a solidarity economy

An alternative way of managing resources to make sure ALL people can meet all their needs in ways that don’t exploit anybody else or harm our natural environment.


an exploration of

Common-ing is about finding ways to return things to a shared, inclusive and co-operative stewardship (rather than ownership).

always experimenting 

We learn stuff by trying things out, sharing and exchanging knowledge, know-how and ideas, and being open to change.

a (feral) business &
Community Interest Company

Using these structures lets us receive money and resources from supporters (such as individuals and organizations) and manage it according to our shared values. 

We offer free or sliding scale pricing for our events.

an invitation to rethink value, together

We bring together things that might otherwise go to waste, and surplus of different kinds.
Everybody has a part to play, and gifts of their experience that we all need.

See our prototypical Exchange Rate.

a way to practice collective care

Our wellbeing is shaped by and in community. 

We invite people to share responsibility for the care of each other, by being generous with their time, attention and kindness.

Unsure about how this works in practice? We’re happy to chat about our Gathering Agreements.

a way to practice sharing 

This requires tuning into, inviting, and creating routes to share abundance.

We pay attention to the seasons, to how we use time and how we spread joy.

We also practice sharing risks, by agreeing that we take responsibility for any accidents that might happen during a session.

*inspired by Virtual Care Lab

Who looks after JarSquad?

JarSquad is currently based in Plymouth and co-animated by:

Rachel Dobbs
Andi Higginson
Cris Silva Lopez
Tess Wilmot
Carmen Wong

Carmen, Rachel & Tess initially connected over a deep interest in tasty food sealed in jars, and then came together in Plymouth (UK) to start a more focussed and practical conversation around how we could be more active in promoting circular systems of food production, preservation, and communal abundance. Cris & Andi both became regular JarSquadders via our regular Assembly events in Plymouth, and have joined the co-animation team more recently.

We each bring different types of knowledge and experience to the project, and our interests mingle to inform what we do together.