JARSQUAD is currently co-animated by Rachel Dobbs, Tess Wilmot and Carmen Wong.

We initially connected over a deep interest in tasty food sealed in
jars, and then came together in Plymouth (UK) to start a more focussed and practical conversation around how we could be more active in promoting circular systems of food production, preservation, and communal abundance.

We each bring different types of knowledge and experience to the project, and our interests mingle to inform what we do together.

Carmen is an artist-researcher and curiously hungry nomad who works with the performativity of food as symbolic, social, plastic and mnemonic material.

She thinks a lot about care as commons, diverse economies, water as carrier of memory and is a beginner in quiet anarchy and qi-gong.

Insta: @oho_co

Tess is an organic gardener, permaculture designer, edible landscape specialist and sculptor. Tess is an active member of a range of food networks in Plymouth, co-ordinates All Ways Apples (an annual apple festival full of local food, cookery demonstrations, creative art and skill sharing), and runs permaculture design courses and foraging walks.

Rachel is an artist & educator from Ireland, who has lived in Plymouth & SW England for the last 25 yrs. She makes artworks and artist-led projects as ½ of LOW PROFILE, works on a range of community education projects for Take A Part, and has been a regular hobby jam-maker for the last 10 years or so. Rachel interests are centered on learning, people, relationships, communication, systems of exchange, and the role of community, individuals and collective activity in our daily lives.