Welcome to JarSquad!

JarSquad makes jams and preserves using surplus ingredients, collective know-how, and shared effort.

We gather at monthly Assemblies which are open to the public. Working as a SQUAD we turn surplus food into tasty JARS (and more!) which we share in our solidarity economy.

Join us at a JarSquad Assembly!

A JarSquad Assembly is where we work together, chopping, peeling, stirring, jarring, wiping, washing…. to turn surplus food into tasty jars and other treats. It’s a co-learning space, and a community of practice.

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Grow your own JarSquad

You’ve got jars, a surplus of ingredients, and a few cool cats that also love preserving the harvest? Here’s some tips on how to grow your JarSquad, and how we can help. 

Hire us to run an Assembly, Workshop or Hands-On Demo

You love what JarSquad is about and the things we do, and now you’d like to hire us to do more of what we do!

Image by Paolo Fiore for JarSquad’s Seed Activation Kit

Commission a JarSquad project

Work with our special blend of skills and artistry! If your project involves social justice and intersects with food, re-valuing skills, creativity and community, we’re your peeps!